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About Us

    We are a leading manufacturer of display units (module) of digital caliper in China. We also produce digital measuring tools such as Digital Calipers, Digital Indicators, Digital Thickness Gauges, Digital Height Gauges, Digital Bevel Boxes, Digital Protractors, Digital Measuring Wheels, Digital Moisture Meter, Digital Tire Gauges, Digital Tread Depth Gauges, Battery Testers, Digital Portable Scale Units, etc.

    Our annual output has reached 2,300,000 sets, exported to over 30 countries including Europe, American, Asia and Oceania.

    Our company prides itself on ¡®Quality¡¯ and ¡®Innovation¡¯, we have built up a solid reputation for product quality and reliability in many countries.

  · Commissioner of Sub-committee for Measuring Technology under National Standardization Committee of Measuring Tools & Instruments
  · Member of China Machine Tools & Tool Builders¡¯ Association

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We are a professional manufacturer of Digital calipers, digital indicator, micron digital indicator, digital height gauge, digital scale units, digital protractor, digital torque wrench, digital shore durometers, digital moisture meter, digital tyre gauges, digital tread depth gauges, digital measuring wheels, digital portable scale. Etc